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Talygen's Human Resource Management Tool

Talygen the ultimate time tracker now provides Human Resource Management software as well. In addition, to help the management oversee different projects and facilitate communication in the organization, it is now taking proper care of your HR management needs. You don't have to invest in specialized HR management software anymore.

Talygen is also managing your company's attendance needs. Attendance is an integral part of the company's user data irrespective of the location or shift timings. It provides you with consolidated attendance data that will help you keep a check on frequent absenteeism. Employees can apply for leave online and instantly view balance leave. All approved leave are automatically tracked and updated removing ambiguity and saving time spent on leave calculations.

Leave management becomes a breeze using Talygen. It provides an online portal for employees to apply for leave under specific category. Company Admins and project managers can manage leave requests, view leave balance, and track all employee leave information while the software automatically updates it all automatically. It also enables you to generate monthly leave reports.

In the HR module, you can get a bird's eye view of the company's holiday schedules and employee leaves in calendar mode. You can also view information of particular dates with respect to shifts and employees. Holidays can vary if the company has offices in different locations and Talygen enables Company Admins to define these accordingly. They can define working days of the week such that a particular day can be set as an off day based on the shifts. With its easy to use interface and a wide variety of useful features, Talygen's Human Resource Management tool can overhaul and optimize the functioning of your company's HR department.

Talygen is a complete solution to your business management needs. Single Software all setup for smooth and steady management. You do not have to install any add-ons or any other plug-in. Talygen is not just limited to online web app based business management, rather bringing the turnkey solutions at your finger tips with mobile applications that are available for all the leading mobile platforms.